Cooking guides

How to prepare vegetables

Vegetables are a vital part of a nutritous and healthy diet, but there's more than one way to cook these versatile foods. From blanching to baking, grilling to microwaving, learn how to make your five-a-day even tastier.

How to cook bolognaise

There's nothing tastier than a hearty spaghetti bolognaise, so find out how to perfect everyone's favourite minced-meat dish. Plus, get creative and use your signature dish with fajitas, jacket potatoes, toasted sandwiches and tacos.

How to cook a stir-fry

Stir-frying is an essential cooking method that can be used for many dishes, plus it uses very little oil and takes just minutes. You can use this culinary technique to prepare meat and vegetables for stir-fries, curries, pasta dishes, pizza toppings and more.

How to grill chicken

Lean, mean and packed with protein, chicken is a common staple for many healthy menus. Find out how to cook and flavour this nutritious meat, plus try some new healthy recipes and you'll be welcoming it onto your plate every day of the week.

How to grill beef

If you like to enjoy a steak that's bursting with flavour, follow our step-by-step guide to grilling this red meat the healthy way. Plus find out how to test for rare, medium and well done to ensure it's always perfectly cooked to your guest's requirements.

How to steam fish

Fish is one of the most nutritious, leanest foods you can choose, and the easiest and healthiest way to cook it is to simply steam it. Read this easy-to-follow cooking guide that can be applied to any fish type, then give it a go with some inspirational recipes.

How to cook eggs

Hard, soft, scrambled, poached — however you like your eggs this cooking guide will make sure you get the most from these versatile wonders. Packed with protein and low in fat, eggs are great in nutritious omelettes, breakfasts or even mixed with rices and stir fries.

How to weigh and measure

In today's world of supersized foods and drinks, many of us have forgotten what a healthy serving actually looks like. Follow our guide to weighing and measuring to get your portions back under control and help you achieve a healthy-sized diet.

Ready, steady, cook!

It's time to put your newfound culinary skills into practice by creating some delicious meals. Choose from over 100 recipes online, all of which are easy to cook and nutritionally balanced, plus you can check the calorie count before you start. So go on, cook up a storm in the kitchen!