How to videos

Quick introduction to ClickFit

A quick run-through of the 4 main sections of the site

What to do in the first week

Getting off to a good start with ClickFit is important so check out our tips for the first week on the program.

How to weigh in

Weigh in each week to stay accountable to yourself and to monitor your progress

Checking the nutritional information of a product

Use ClickFit to find out the nutritional contents of different foods products.

How to add a custom food or exercise to the diary

If you can't find a food or exercise in the online diary, these are the functions you need.

How to change your calorie target, menu and exercise plan

Change up your ClickFit program by selecting a new menu plan, exercise plan or by tweaking your calorie target.

How to use the menu plans

Discover all the functionality of our menu plans to make your day easier

How to use My Combos and My foods

The My Foods and My Combos functions make it easier to use the diary for your most common meals and activities